Serving Europe’s largest  B737 Freighter Fleet in  Paris CDG, Brussels and Liège

ASL Maintenance provides the ASL Airlines European fleet of narrow and wide body aircraft with line maintenance, base maintenance and 24/7 support services from its facilities in Paris-CDG in France and Brussels and Liège airports in Belgium.

ASL Maintenance (ASLM) is ASL Airlines in-house provider of Part 145 aircraft maintenance services in support of the safe and reliable operation of our fleet.

  • Current capabilities:
    • B737NG and B737 Classic Line Maintenance at Paris-CDG
    • B737NG and B737 Classic Base Maintenance at Brussels Airport.
    • B747, B737NG and B737 Classic Line Maintenance at Liège Airport.
  • Facilities:
    • 2-bay Base Maintenance hangar at Brussels Airport.
    • Line Maintenance casualty hangar at Liège Airport.
    • Line Maintenance and logistics facilities at Paris-CDG Airport.

The high-quality ASLM service is underpinned by the extensive experience of our engineers which is key to supporting our fleet and our customers.

ASLM also provides extensive maintenance support services in support of aircraft transitions. A key factor as ASL Airlines continues with its fleet renewal programme with B737-800BCF Boeing Converted Freighters replacing B737-400 Classic aircraft.

At Paris CDG ASLM services more  than 40 aircraft per day from  our line maintenance station.

  • 24/7 technical support for ASL Airline operations
  • Line maintenance for Europe’s largest B737 freighter fleet
  • Major and minor structural repairs
  • Engine boroscopes and replacements
  • AOG Rescue
  • Serving ASL and FedEx European networks

At Brussels Airport, ASLM’s 6,000m² Hangar Space Operates Two Heavy Maintenance Lines Providing:

  • A-checks / C-checks / D-checks
  • Landing gear and engine replacements
  • Aircraft weighing
  • Structural corrosion and fatigue inspection programmes
  • Minor and major modifications embodiment
  • Minor and major structural repairs
  • Dent and buckle inspections and assessment

The ASL Maintenance 2,000m² hangar space facility at Liège Airport offers line maintenance and logistics support up to A-checks:

  • Aircraft mods, SB’s, AD’s and NDT
  • Scheduled/Unscheduled maintenance
  • Engine, APU and landing gear replacement
  • 24/7 AOG rescue
  • A/C logistics including sourcing and PBH management
In addition, ASL Maintenance offers engine boroscope inspections for ALF-502/507, CFM56-3, RB211 and PW2000 models.

Aircraft Types Maintained

  • B737-3/4/5/6/7/8/900
  • B757-2/300
  • B767-2/3/40

Boeing 737-800 Freighter

Max Range 3,750km (2,025 nmi)
Volume Capacity 22T
Max Cargo 79T

Boeing 737-300QC

Max Range 3,700km (1,998nmi)
Max Cargo 63T

Boeing 737-400 Passenger

Max Range 4,204 km (2,270nmi)
Max Cargo 62T

Boeing 737-700 Passenger

Max Range 5,250km (2,835nmi)
Max Cargo 70T

Boeing 737-800 Passenger

Max Range 5,765 km (3,112nmi)
Max Cargo 72T

Boeing 737-400 Freighter

Max Range 3,000 km (1,620nmi)
Volume Capacity 19T
Max Cargo 68T

Boeing 747-400 Freighter

Max Range 8,250km (4,455nmi)
Volume Capacity 117T
Max Cargo 412T