Safair established operations in 1965 and for more than 50 years has been at the forefront of delivering specialised aviation cargo services and solutions worldwide.

From the Arctic in the North to Antarctica in the South and from the jungles of South America in the West to the jungles of West Papua in the East, Safair has operated across a truly global network.

In 2014 Safair launched South Africa’s first true-low-cost carrier, FlySafair, and this new airline grew to acquire more than 60% market share in just eight years During that time the Safair’s legacy business continued with humanitarian operations in Africa, scientific expeditions to Antarctica and Safair’s B737 fleet provides logistical support to customers with cargo transport requirements throughout the African region.

Success has been built upon a dedication to and drive for excellence in all aspects of the services Safair provides. From wet and dry leasing to specialist operations, this culture of quality and service has allowed Safair to offer efficient and rapid world class freight solutions to meet every customer challenge.

Safair has maintained an excellent record in the provision of vital airlift support and targeted airdrops of humanitarian aid to stricken areas. Flying for customers including the United Nations, the International Committee of the Red Cross, the World Food Programme and many other foreign government agencies, Safair has utilised its fleet of Lockheed L100-30 civilian ‘Hercules’ aircraft to bring aid to those most in need. Sadly, after decades of service, the last ‘Hercs’ will leave the Safair fleet at the end of 2022.

Aircraft Types

Safair has 2 aircraft types